About the Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education

VISION The PULSE Vision is an educated citizenry that routinely applies scientific knowledge, reasoning, and creative insight to address real-world challenges.            MISSION The PULSE Mission is to provide academic departments with resources and training that promote alignment of undergraduate life sciences programs with best educational practices, including those recommended in the Vision & Change Report (2011).            AIMS The PULSE Aims are to:
1. Engage entire departments in a process of organizational and institutional change to incorporate evidence-based teaching and learning practices and strategies;
2. Cultivate cohesive departmental teams that enact transformation through facilitative leadership, collaboration, and negotiation in each institutional context;
3. Guide departments striving toward exemplary standards of practice through ongoing, iterative, self-reflective assessment of their strengths and weaknesses;
4. Intentionally foster inclusivity by engaging institutions of all types to reach all students, regardless of background and future aspirations;
5. Create and support communities of practice that share resources and strategies to transform life sciences programs in ways that can lead to improved student outcomes;
6. Evaluate the outcomes of PULSE’s programs regularly, modify them as necessary to enhance their impact, and disseminate our findings in a cycle of continuous improvement.

The Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education incorporated as a non profit, 501c3 organization in April, 2016. PULSE originated in October, 2012 as an initiative launched by a group of program officers from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), and the National Institute for General Medical Sciences (NIGMS/NIH). This steering committee* convened a meeting of 40 Vision and Change Leadership Fellows that had demonstrated experience as change agents at Associate’s, Baccalaureate, Master’s and Doctoral/research universities.

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These Fellows were charged with stimulating department-level implementation of Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education: A Call to Action (2011) in undergraduate institutions of all types across the U.S. 

Are you ready to help lead change in your department? Join PULSE as a PULSE Community member!

Benefits of membership include:

  • participating in Group discussions about department level change and pedagogical reforms;
  • access to all PULSE resources that can aid you in promoting change at your institution;
  • periodic updates on events and news relevant to the PULSE Mission.

The PULSE Community -- comprising dedicated faculty members just like you -- has launched several Initiatives to help departments adopt the recommendations of V&C including:

    Regional Networks, Institutes, and Workshops

    Pilot Recognition Program

    Resources for Departmental Self-assessment and Planning

   PULSE Ambassador Site Visits

The PULSE Fellows adopted a Dynamic Governance structure to promote collaboration, decision making, and progress toward our goals.

 *Thank you to our founders: NSFJudy Verbeke and Chuck Sullivan; HHMI David Asai and Cynthia Bauerle; NIGMS/NIH Shiva Sing and Shawn Drew Gaillard.

Here is the current list of PULSE Fellows:


About our LOGO.....

The logo is meant to represent several, key PULSE attributes. The six-points at the perimeter of the polygon represent the six regional networks we are building across the nation (Northwest, Southwest, Midwest-Great Plains, New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast). The interior, intersecting lines that emanate from these points represent our networking activities and network hubs in each geographical region. The four major primary colors in the logo and sometimes in the PULSE acronym text represent the inclusiveness of PULSE and the collaboration of individuals from four major undergraduate institution types in the U.S.: Associate’s, Baccalaureate, Master’s, and Doctoral/research universities.


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