Northwest PULSE Cohort 5 Materials

Here is a collection of materials related to the Northwest PULSE Meeting held in Seattle, WA during October 13-15, 2017.  

Group Photo

Meeting Materials

1.  Meeting Participant Roster

2.  Participant Meeting Agenda

3.  Habits of a Systems Thinker Sheet

4.  Vision & Change Executive Summary

5.  Systems Thinking Iceberg Model

6.  Link to all Institutional Vision Posters and Action Plans

7.  Link to the Northwest PULSE Community Map

8.  Sociocracy for One

9.  Biocore Paper from CBE-LSE and One Page printout

10.  Meeting Graphic Summary Document from Claire

Ann Austin's Materials

Slide Deck Powerpoint

Video recording of Ann's presentation from Cohort 4 (Oct 2016):

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3


If you are an undergraduate life science educator, department chair, or administrator, we invite you to join PULSE and make your department a model of Vision and Change in undergraduate life science education!


See PULSE NEWS for announcements, events, and other V&C related activities


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