Online Workshops on Student-Centered Practices

This site provides you with information and resources that you can use to transform your lessons, courses, and  department using the principles provided in the Vision and Change document.  The resources have either been developed by PULSE Fellows and members or are freely available online and have been vetted and organized into units by PULSE Fellows and members.

There are many ways that departments can support faculty who want to make their undergraduate life sciences courses more interactive and engaging. Department Chairs can share this site with their full  and part-time faculty who can then work through the lessons on their own. The information can also be used as an online workshop that groups or cohorts of faculty work through together or it can be used to develop face-to-face workshops facilitated by your Center for Teaching staff or science education faculty.  

For  a complete list of topics click here : Student-Center Learning Tools

The main topics  are presented  below. Click on a topic to see the various units within each topic.


                            What is Student-Centered learning?

                             Active-learning in Large Classes -Webinar

                            Collaborative and Cooperative Learning

                            Concept MAPS


                           Case Studies

                          Concept Inventories  

                        Creative Problem Solving

              Peer Instruction and Think-Pair -Share Activities

Currently these units address aspects of Goal #2:Focus on Student-Centered Learning and Goal #3: Promote a Campus-wide Commitment to Change of the Vision and Change document.  If you are interested in developing new units or contributing to an existing unit, please contact Sharon Gusky


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