There are PULSE networks in every region in the country:  Pacific Northwest;  Southwest; Midwest and Great PlainsSoutheast;  Mid-Atlantic and New England regions have merged and the group is now called the Northeast region ;

One goal of PULSE is to help connect faculty with each other and with the many excellent initiatives working to improve undergraduate biology education. We have much to learn from each other!

To help facilitate the exchange of ideas and to build supportive communities PULSE established six regional networks. These PULSE communities of practice are composed of faculty from institutions of every type and size.

Click on a state on the map to find out what is happening in your region or check out the Regions Impact map below to find institutions in your region that are participating in PULSE activities!

Regions Impact Map:This interactive Google Map displays all of the institutions that have participated in a PULSE Regional Network meeting.  If you click on each symbol you will get information about that institution, including any action plans or outcomes report resulting from their engagement with PULSE.  



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