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You are invited to join Ellen Goldey, a PULSE Fellow, for a ProfPerfect faculty development webinar:

Transforming First Year Biology: Putting Vision and Change Into Practice

featuring Ellen Goldey, PhD

Live Date: Tuesday, October 08, 2013 @ 12pm CT

Over the past decade a number of research studies have documented the most effective teaching strategies for overcoming student disengagement and attrition. Adopting student-centered classrooms and scientific teaching practices enhances student learning and reduces the achievement gap of students from disadvantaged backgrounds in biology classrooms. Despite research showing that these teaching strategies and approaches are effective, they have not been widely adopted or effectively publicized. Thus, there remains a substantial need to develop and implement effective strategies for motivating systemic educational reform.

  • Verbalize understanding of how science courses can build science (and general education) competencies without sacrificing course rigor or content knowledge
  • Discuss how first-year students practice and build the skills employed by professional scientists
  • Identify how assignments and exams motivate students to using higher-order cognitive skills
  • Describe how assessment evidence is used to continuously improve curricular reform efforts


June, 2013 Meeting of PULSE Leadership Fellows

As part of a June, 3013 Meeting/Workshop, the Fellows gave live-streaming presentations about their work to date.

To watch the presentations click here:

Note: the presentations require Microsoft Silverlight [] to view on a computer.

Please feel free to contribute your feedback and comments about the presentations below. Thank you.



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PULSE Fellow
Comment by David Marcey on September 26, 2013 at 1:07am

Thanks, Debra! Please visit the "Ambassador Program page, using the tab on the top menu. You may also want to check out the Online V&C Toolkit and Online workshop tabs.

Comment by Dr. Debra Costa-Nino on June 4, 2013 at 2:13pm

I found the presentation informative.  This has been my second overview of PULSE, my initial was at the NEBATYC meeting.  I am impressed with the approach of actually providing tools of change, not just mouthing that change is needed.  I would like to sign us up for an Ambassador visit, after I do a little more homework.  I would love to see our science education metrics be self regulating, reporting and accountable to each other though assessing outcome, not regulated or directed from the education (non-science) community or politicians.  I agree we have the answers in our own backyards, but no one knows what each other is doing that is successful!



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