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Writing Outcomes and Using Blooms Taxonomy

Online Workshop Home Page  Description:  Bloom's taxonomy provides a framework of terms that help illustrate the various levels of critical thinking.  The levels range from simple reca… View »

Understanding by Design: AKA Backward Design

Online Workshop Home Page  Description and Overview This method of course design was developed and described by  Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe in their book Understanding by Desig… View »

Why Change is Needed

Watch this video produced by ASM  on The State of the Nation: What we Know about Learning Biology, by Loretta Brancaccio-Taras, PULSE Fellow and the ASM Carski Distinguished Undergradu… View »

Course Design

Understanding by DesignOnline Workshop Home Page  Description: In this unit you will learn about course design and lesson planning. In addition to this Introductory page you will find lessons on… View »

Student-Centered Learning

Online Workshop Home Page                                                 … View »

Introduction to Vision and Change and PULSE Resources

The document, Vision and Change: A Call To Action provides recommendations for transforming biology education. Take  some time to familiarize yourself with the document so that… View »

Online Workshops on Student-Centered Practices

This site provides you with information and resources that you can use to transform your lessons, courses, and  department using the principles provided in the Vision and Change docume… View »

V&C Certification/Recognition Program

PULSE Certification is now called PULSE Recognition For up to date information go to PULSE Recognition.  This page provides some information on previous activities of the PULSE Certif… View »



If you are an undergraduate life science educator, department chair, or administrator, we invite you to join PULSE and make your department a model of Vision and Change in undergraduate life science education!


See PULSE NEWS for announcements, events, and other V&C related activities


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