PULSE Framework

The PULSE Fellows have developed the PULSE Framework using a Transformation Cycle and a customized set of tools that assist departments in the change process.

This Cycle is appropriate for all types of institutions of higher education, and the tools may be used at various stages of the transformation cycle.  Links to some key resources and instruments can be found below.

Phase of
Departmental Change


Other Tools

Possible Outcomes

Raising Awareness and Building Capacity for Change


  • Raise awareness and build capacity for change
  • Journal Clubs, V&C Learning Communities
  • Inspire and prepare faculty members, students, and administrators to explore V&C
  • Departmental retreats/meetings on V&C
  • Department reaches consensus on the positive value of exploring V&C reform
  • Department has a significant fraction of faculty aware of V&C goals
  • Department moves to Pre-implementation Phase

Taking Action


  • Raise awareness/build capacity for change
  • Departmental retreats/meetings on V&C;
  • Department engages in self-assessment
  • Department members network with departments at other regional institutions
  • Faculty seek and participate in professional development opportunities
  • Department holds discussions with administrators concerning V&C
  • Articulate goals and objectives
  • Department reaches consensus on the value of V&C reform
  • Department produces detailed strategic plan
  • Department moves to Implementation Phase

Supporting Implementation


  • V&C-based curriculum development / reform
  • ongoing professional development
  • regular conversations and collaborations on V&C reform
  • planning of assessment of reform initiatives
  • Department is implementing V&C reform in many courses
  • Department's strategic plan initiatives are being funded, where required
  • Department moves to Maintenance Phase

Assessing and Improving


  • Match direct and indirect assessment with strategic plan objectives
  • Use evidence and rubrics for continuous improvement
  • Seek V&C Recognition









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